• Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote
  • Metal Detectors - Xp Deus Metal Detector With Remote

Xp deus Metal Detector with remote




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First Wireless Detector
Lightweight and compact: extend or fold away in seconds
At 2 pounds, the XP DEUS (pronounced day-uhs) offers exceptional comfort, speed and performance. The XP DEUS is the result of years of research and development by the XP engineering team. This detector sets new benchmarks in metal detection design and performance.
The design is built on your choice of three wireless elements:
  1. Search Coil
  2. Digital LCD Display Remote
  3. Audio Headphones
The three devices communicate with one another via a digital wireless link developed specifically for metal detecting. This patented design provides crystal clear audio and exceptionally efficient power consumption.
DEUS features a superior ergonomic stem design that is comfortable and easy to use. A durable molded rubber grip provides an improved operating angle for hours of fatigue free use. The arm cup is produced from a unique plastic resin that is both durable and flexible.
Extreme speed finds good targets next to junk
The entire detector is built in to the search coil! Unlike traditional metal detectors, a wire is no longer required to convey the signal. The target signal is digitized and analyzed instantly and directly at the source by an ultra-miniature digital circuit. This revolutionary new design improves the quality of signal acquisition and produces superior power, speed and precision. The pure digital format allows you to adjust the power, reactivity and target recovery speed to be as fast as you desire.


One Click: Change Frequency, Power or Recovery

An all digital design means that there is now no need to buy multiple detectors for different types of treasure hunting. You can adjust every characteristic of the DEUS. Choose your frequency from the preset options of 4 kHz, 8 kHz,12 kHz and 18 kHz. Choose from one of 10 preset factory programs or one of 8 user customizable programs and start detecting. The DEUS is simple to use for a beginner and provides advanced options for experienced users.

Complete Control

Adjust settings with either headphones OR remote

The headphones and the LCD remote display can each control the detector independently or be used together. The wireless design means that there are no wires to get cut, broken or tangled.

Weatherproof Wireless Headphones
Designed and custom molded specifically to endure the rigors of metal detecting. The electronics, digital LCD display and controls are encapsulated in a weatherproof disc on one side of the headset. Just slide the electronics off and snap on a new headband at any time. Control the most important features of the detector through the headphones: Ground Balance, Frequency, Discrimination, Sensitivity, Volume and Custom Programs.

Wireless LCD Remote Display
The bright, backlit display comes in a hip mount case. Intuitive menus control the audio response, iron level, tones, notch, discrimination and all advanced features. Select the type of ground balance that works best for you. Choose from tracking, pumping, manual and beach options. On screen graphics walk you through ground balancing.

Always Current

USB Connection: Get latest software

Upgrade at anytime! Get the latest software updates online. Just plug the USB cable into the DEUS remote and the other end into your computer. Follow the prompts and your detector will be updated with the most current features.

DEUS Includes the Following Items:

  • Fully Telescopic S Handle Stem
  • Wireless Headphones (optional)
  • Headphone Storage Case
  • 9" DD Waterproof Wireless Search Coil
  • 9" Search Coil Cover
  • Wireless Remote Control Display Screen (optional)
  • Hip mount case for Wireless Remote Control Display Screen
  • USB Connection Cable With One Mini-B Plug
  • USB Connection Cable With Three Mini-B Plugs
  • 110 Volt Power Supply Transformer - Charger
  • Connection Clamp For Recharging The Coil
  • Complete Coil Hardware & Spare Parts (2 Screws, 2 Wing Nuts, 1 Washer, 1 Spacing Washer)
  • Detailed Owners Manual
  • 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty for detectors purchased on or after January 1, 2013. Units purchased prior to this date are covered by a 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. All warranty service is completed in the USA

The GOLD FIELD program uses a different detection strategy designed to handle highly mineralized ground containing targets such as gold nuggets. In these ground conditions, small, low-conductive targets are often seen as ground noise or iron, especially when they are deeply buried. To go deeper in these difficult conditions, the GOLD FIELD program uses a true All Metal mode allowing you to accept a whole zone of ground that is usually rejected (Full Range). Rather than rejecting all the ground values below the setting (as on conventional detectors), this new program rejects only the current value of the ground which you have to adjust exactly.
To simplify this ground effect adjustment (which is essential in this program), the “pinpoint” touch pad allows you to quickly grab the ground value while pumping the coil to the ground. In this program a few settings are not active or are replaced by others unique to the GOLD FIELD program including:
  • The IAR discrimination (Iron Amplitude Rejection): Adjustable from 0 to 5, IAR is applied only to strong signals (shallow). This avoids the rejection of signals from good targets further away that may sound like ferrous when they are buried in mineralized ground (pg: 10).
  • Immediate sampling of the ground value (Grab) accomplished by simply pressing “Pinpoint” while pumping the coil to the ground. Pinpoint function is deactivated in this program (pg:18/19) Note: The target ID feature is retained when working in the All Metal mode to aid in target identification.
The latest version 3.0 of the XP DEUS software offers coin and jewelry hunters reason to celebrate. From parks and school yards to wooded sites and wide open fields, the DEUS provides exceptional performance. Choose from one of 10 preset programs or select your own custom program and get ready to begin finding good targets on top of junk. The laser quick response of the DEUS will let you pull out exceptional finds in close proximity to junk. SImply put, the DEUS sees the targets that other detectors miss. If you are serious about your coin and jewelry hunting, the DEUS offers the features and performance you need. Make the most of your time in the field - get your hands on the Ultimate top of the line coin and jewelry detector.
Discover the ultimate choice for locating coins and jewelry at salt water beaches. Just choose the Beach Program and then set your ground adjust either manually or by pumping. The DEUS walks you through this adjustment visually on the display to help you achieve the perfect setting.

DEUS features advanced ground calculation capabilities for salt water beaches. With the DEUS, you can easily locate deep targets in tough, mineralized beach conditions.



North American relic hunters are praising the ability of the DEUS to pull out good targets from iron infested sites. If you are serious about your relic hunting, get ready to take it to the next level. Select your frequency and program and get ready to start finding the best relics.

DEUS users across the United States and Canada are reporting that previously worked out battlefields and foundations are producing for them once again. Civil war buckles, buttons, mini balls and more are being unearthed at an unprecedented rate by DEUS users. The ultimate relic machine may just give you that edge you have been looking for!


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