• Metal Detectors - White's M6

White's M6

$640.00 $699.95


M6 delivers turn-on-and-go ease and great performance. Parks, playgrounds, yards, even the beach. Here is a high performance metal detector that will find coins and jewelry in all kinds of ground conditions.


3 Controls: Disc, SENS, and AutoTrac

AutoTrac Toggle- "Fast-Tracking" adjusts to the ground while you hunt

Pinpoint/All Metal Mode

VCO Audio for Precise Pinpointing gives a higher pitch as you approach the target

Seven-Tone I/D/ Different audio tones for different targets

Display shows target labels, VDI NUMbers and Depth Reading

Drop-In "AA" Battery Pack for up to 40 hours of hunting. Optional Nicad Rechargeable system available.

Powerful, Waterproof 9 1/2" search coils/ Interchangeable with all Eclipse coils.

Operating Frequency: 14 kHz

Two-Year parts and labor warranty