• Metal Detectors - White's Coinmaster GT
  • Metal Detectors - White's Coinmaster GT

White's Coinmaster GT

$359.00 $399.95


The Coinmaster GT combines simplicity with high-end features in a detector that excels at coin-shooting and finding jewelry. Beach Mode, a 9" waterproof coil, and the water-resistant control box make it ready to explore the shore. Adjustable Notch Discrimination allows you to selectively filter out worthless target profiles like nails, foil, and pull tabs from cans. Automatic Ground Balance self-adjusts while you're on the move. 9- Range Discrimination and Visual Discrimination Indication on its backlit display provide precise target information before you spend time digging. The slide-in battery pack is easy to swap and uses standard AA batteries.


Automatic Ground Balance

Improved Performance in all kinds of ground conditions

Visual Discrimination Indication VDI Number readout provides precise target information 

Adjustable Notch Discrimination 9 notches cover the full target range

Beach Mode

Backlit Display with Target I.D.

VCO Pinpointing

 Depth Reading

9-Range Discrimination

Adjustable Sensitivity

Pinpoint/All-Metal Mode

9-Inch Waterproof spider coil

Operating Frequency: 8 kHz

Long-Life, "AA" battery pack included

Water Resistant control box

Low Battery Alert

Two-Year Parts and Labor Warranty