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Where to find gold in Oregon By Delo's Toole's



With the winter snow break-up from early spring rains triggering the sending of its flushing force of water across the graveled beds, pushing and percolating through the land, carrying with it massive movements of auriferous gravels that contain gold particles and are brought to rest in holding basins and natural riffles. Adventurous back-packing nugget snipers search undiscovered water-runs and find a horn of plenty in the creeks, streams and rivers of the back country. Those gold-seekers watch the extent of the winter snow runoff, spring melt together with those thunderstorms that send its watery force fingering across the land. The heavy thunderstorms will pound and rake the auriferous gravel that make up those ancient layered channels, readying them for the seasonal gold particle migration into waiting pockets and catch-alls. Severe rains will loosen the gravel matrix and push the gold from its quartz host sending it into position for the spring melt to wash the land of its gold particles, and flood those gold occurrences into the near-by water-runs and its tributaries. Many water-runs are replenished with gold occurrences from the water flow that rakes the ingeneous rocks, bubbles up through cobble and rock, sifts the graveled stream beds and percolates through the surfaced matrix carrying its gathered gold particles to settle into kettled depressions of the water-runs.

Two million years ago the great ice age bore down upon the cooled land of Southeastern Oregon, and those massive moving glaciers carved, raked, gouged and reshaped the land into towering mountains, capped ridges and shallow valleys. Those four phases of the ice giants moved across the land disemboweling everything in its path, including those massive ancient gold veins. With each forward move of the glacier, mounds of aggregate that was saturated with gold were formed against the leading edge of the glacier, where with each glacier melt as it receded, exposed those immense heaps of ancient gold occurrences. Glacier melts created glacier flooding of immense proportion that was the great moving force washing the ancient gold onto alluvial fans, into glacial valleys, onto moraines, leaving gold evidence on mountain tops and onto the bottom of its glacial lakes. With the melting of the ice pack influencing eastern Oregon, where it hosted natural catch-basins to hold the moving gold particles and nuggets for future placer miners to harvest.

Through the fire cleansing of the prehistoric land, crystallization spread amongst the uplifting and down dropping of huge rhyolitic caldera complexes forming blocks of semi-precious gem stones in Quartz, Opal, Agate, Thundereggs, Oregon jade and garnets, where at a later period of time in evolution these were scattered across the Oregonian land mass, with heavy concentration within the full length and sight of US Highway no. 395.

In the Blue Mountain Gold Belt the US Forestry Service has saw fit to set aside areas called Free-Use sites where the recreation prospector can pan, dredge, metal detect and sluice for gold particles without having to worry about private property. Antlers Guard Station, MC Culley Forks, Deer Creek, Mason Dam Recreation Area and Eagle Forks are a few of many such areas available as Free-Use sites found in the book "Delos Toole's Where To Find Gold In OREGON.

MAPS hand drawn for accuracy on almost every page along with descriptive directions to the many streams with placer gravel. Roads, trails, camp sites, Federal Forestry, State Forestry and Bureau of Land Mangement with FREE-USE gold sites. Geological, noble, rare-earth metals, rivers, water-runs with placer gravel locations.

Where old prospectors and miners once worked are excellent locations to explore today for over-looked rare-earth metals and minerals and over-looked fortunes in exotic metals. Old mines, gold placer sites in and near ancient basins, Tertiary placer rivers and up-hill ancient river beds.

Rules and regulations for State, Federal and BLM agencies governing dredging, hand panning, metal detecting, gold sniping, and rocker sluicing. Oregon is richer in mineral wealth than most people belive it to be so. Rich in ghost towns, ghost lumber camps and trail camps where people visited they left many artifacts behind for the metal detectorist to locate.

Let the MAPS by Delos Toole be your guide in his four books on "Where To Find Gold In....." Delos Toole, International - World Famous Author; Explorer, adventurer, searcher of Lost Treasure and Buried Loot, seeker of forgotten Ghost Towns, pursuer of ancient Old Spanish Trails. Gold and rare-earth mineral prospector, gold vacuum dredger, miner and common geologist Emeritus. Author of numerous articles for the gold mining, rock hound, metal detecting, adventure, gold prospecting trade magazines. Artist, author, publisher, distributor of his very own books. Amateur ham radio operator, amateur astronomer, neophyte fossi paleontologist and climber of Mount Whitney, California, (the east side.) Retired researcher, developer, fabricator of part and parcel of prototype galactic vehicles for the space industry. Delos Toole has created four remarkable books for the prospector and recreational gold seeker which they can depend upon for accuracy, pleasant informative entertainment.