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White's MXT All Pro



The MXT All-Pro Combines Popular New Features with proven, legendary performance of the MXT line...it's like having three metal detecters in one! You'll enjoy the keypad, high-efficiency backlight, Ground Grab and lock settings. This favorite comes with a 10" DD search coil. Three separate programs give you versatility with different target responses, display info, and audio frequencies for relics, prospecting and coins/jewelry. Relic: specifically identifies buttons,buckles and bullets with three options for tone ID. Prospecting: Iron Grunt for targets for high probability of being iron. Coin/Jewelry:Coin/jewelry/trash target ID with optional seven tones telling you the type of target before you dig. All three programs have deep-detection from White's proven 10" DD Coil. VDI range of -95 to +95 , and 3- easy-to-adjust controls.


Backlit Display for hunting in low light conditions

Tone ID seven tones in the Coin and Jewelry Program

Ground Grab update tracking from a locked or tracking settings

3 Separate Programs unique target responses. display info and audio frequencies

Relic specifically ID's buttons, buckles and bullets. Displays VDI range of -95 to +95, target blocks, relic target labels, depth reading and more. 3 options for tone I.D.

Prospecting Iron Grunt for targets with high probability of being iron. VDI range of -95 to +95, probability of iron, ground phrase, and more.

Coin/Jewelry displays offers VDI -95 to +95, target blocks, coin.jewelry/trash target labels, depth reading and Tone I.D. and more.

Automatic Ground Balance  Simple. Fast. Accurate

3 Easy-Adjust Controls:

Gain maximizes sensitivity and depth

Threshold allows you to hunt with a slight hum or hear only the sound of detected targets

Dual functions differently in each programs

Operating Frequency 14 kHz

10" DD or 9.5" Search Coil available

Drop-In Battery Pack 40 hours from 8 "AA" batteries (Rechargeable systems available.)

Two -Year parts and labor warranty