• Books - “Finding Gold, Silver And Coins With The Minelab Sovereign Series And Excalibur Metal Detectors”

“Finding Gold, Silver and Coins with the Minelab Sovereign Series and Excalibur Metal Detectors”



by Clive James Clynick

In this informative and detailed book the author shares his twenty-five years of detecting experience with the reader. Topics include: understanding Broad Band Spectrum detectors; using tone ID to recognize gold and silver; using the Sovereign / Excalibur around iron; “reverse hunting” and using all metal mode for more depth; tuning tips and tricks for best performance; using the WOT and Tornado 1000 coils; getting the most from a meter; using and customizing signal boosters; recognizing false signals; shallow water hunting with the Sovereign; salt water tuning the Excalibur; and much more.

$14.95, (79 pages, 8.5 X 5.5 softbound).