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Our new Sluice Box/Highbanker Kit is built around our ever popular compact stream sluice box. The sluice can be used alone or it can be used with our folding stand that includes 16" and 20" adjustable legs to make it easy when leveling out your sluice box in any terrain. Add a Header Kit when working in still waters (lakes, ponds, slow creeks and rivers, etc.), and it becomes a Highbanker. Or when there's no water at all, with the addition of your water reservoir and tailing buckets (not included), you can turn this unit into a Recirculator. Our kit consists of a 30" Compact Sluice Box, a Header Kit with a 1200 GPH Pump and 7' of 1-1/8" hose and a Sluice Stand that folds down to 8" X 23-3/4". This stand is easy to transport and automatically locks in place with no tools required. Comes with a pump filter and complete written instructions. THAT'S 3 MACHINES for one low price!


Set Up

From new:

Remove frame from box, noting this is in its original folded position.
Grasp frame in center with one hand. Holding the frame parallel to the ground, quickly release the bottom half of the frame so it swings downward and the spring clips are engaged into their locking holes. The frame should be locked rigid at this point. If not, apply light pressure to the spring clips to engage them into the locking holes.
Unscrew the stainless steel wing nuts from the four tube receivers.
Insert the two shorter 16” legs into the receivers at the exiting end next to the tabs and tighten wing nuts.
Insert the two longer 20” legs into the opposite end next to the snap clips and tighten wing nuts.
The holes at the base of the legs are intended to secure the frame to plywood for extended use.
Insert your 24” or 30” sluice box in the center of the frame.
Pick up the carpet slightly and slide sluice the under tabs. This holds the sluice box from sliding off the end.
Lift up the snap clips until they snap securely onto the top of the sluice box.

Operating Sluice Instructions

Refer to the Operating Instructions provided with your sluice box

Unlatch the frame by grasping both clips with your thumbs at the same time and pull outward.
Ensure the frame is in its original folded position. If the snap clips collide together, your frame is in the wrong position. To put the frame in the correct position, rotate the frame 360° in the opposite direction until the tubes are parallel.

Helpful Hints
This folding frame was designed to enable us to ship the frame more cost effectively, but is not necessary to re-fold it.