• Sluice - 24




This 7 X 24" Sluice Box is perfect for entree level prospecting with all the quality construction. Laser cut 1 piece zinc plated riffle and ribbed matt for quick ID of gold sucured with 3M brand double back tape. 4" black anodized handle for easy transportation. All corners are rounded and deburred. Easy, How To use written instructions included.

Key Features:
.063" Aluminum
24" Long X 7" Wide X 2.5" Tall
5 Zinc Plated Riffles laser cut from one piece of steel (Gold Coloring)
Outdoor Matting
4" Black Anodized carrying Handle for easy transportation
All Hardware made of Zinc plated steel
3.2 Lbs.


Operating Instructions

Set-Up Remove handle and bolt to side with provided screws. Your unit is now fully assembled.

TO OPERATE PROPERLY-, the feeder must be 2 – 2 1/2 inches higher than the back end. Place unit in shallow water no more than height of sides. Place shovel full of material in feeder on top of mat. Material should immediately start flowing down sluice box. 50% of material is being trapped behind riffles while the other 50% washes down stream. This will give you the proper flow & angle.

Note: Water flow is too slow if unit fills with sand and gravel –  increase the water flow, angle, or both to achieve the 50% being trapped and the 50% going down stream.

Removing Gold Lift unit from water. Loosen wing nut and remove riffle and expanded metal. NOTE- REMEMBER HOW THE EXPANDED METAL IS, MUST BE REPLACED EXACTLEY. Remove carpet by rolling it up with ribs facing inward. Place rolled carpet in a bucket filled with clean water to release gold concentrates. Roll carpet opposite direction and repeat. Pan concentrates from bottom of bucket.

Reassembling Replace carpet back in unit. Replace expanded metal in over carpet, ensuring it is level with end of unit. Please see picture below to ensure proper placement of expanded metal. (It is possible to put in backwards). Place riffle assembly over expanded metal. Expanded metal and riffle should be at the same angle. Tighten with wing nut provided.

Storing- Make sure carpet is dry before storing.

Hints-classify soil to exclude rocks over ½ inch before running through sluice box