• Pinpointer - White's TRX Replacement Colored Shell

White's TRX replacement colored shell



The white's TRX is now available different colors, This is a replacement shell for the TRX the different colored shells can be swapped with a single screw located in the battery compartment, One of our favorite pin-pointers has now been improved! with a much more personalized and visible design.

Bright, fluorescent replacement shell for the White’s TRX. Package includes plastic shell with pre-installed LED, button, speaker, as well as a black cap (with o-ring) for style.

If you’re prone to losing your beloved TRX and don’t want another piece of gear attached to your body, consider replacing your drab black case with something that screams “DON’T FORGET ME.” Offered in Carrot-Killer Orange, Lime Green, and Pretty Pink, these highly-visible colors are sure to attract attention… Both yours and the folks you’re hunting with.


Does not include circuit board, SHELL ONLY.