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When your Hobby Turns to PASSION, it's time to get serious about the equipment you use! Minelab - Minelab - Minelab Think DEEPEST! ADVANCED METAL DETECTORS FOR LOCATING COINS, JEWELRY, RAW GOLD NUGGETS AND RELICS Minelab makes high end technically advanced hobby metal detectors in Australia and designs their detectors to detect around heavy mineralized soils, whether you are looking for a gold detector that will detect everything between deep gold nugget and the smallest gold nuggets, Or you are looking for Coins, Jewelry, Relics and need the best discriminator on the market Minelab makes the metal detector for you. Belda's Gold & Treasure offers specials that include FREE "in gold field" training in Oregon or Nevada with purchase of a pulse induction detector such as the GPX or GPZ 7000 Detector. I am a trained "Premier Dealer" with experience using the detectors AND FINDING gold, jewelry and coins. We offer lifetime support, in field training, lowest MAP prices and everything you need to fit your needs for detecting. I will help you choose the best detector for your interest and put together a special package for lots of savings, I will even meet you in the gold field to train you. I am a certified expert Premier Dealer located in Portland, Oregon with over 20 years experience using Minelab equipment BUY HERE, YOU WILL SAVE


Minelab builds some of the best Metal detectors for Gold prospecting, When you need to find gold nuggets deep you want a pulse induction GPX-GPZ series

Minelab gold prospecting detectors

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