• Metal Detectors - Whites Surfmaster Dual Field

Whites Surfmaster Dual Field

$823.00 $899.95


Pulse Induction Detection for extreme depth on coins and jewelry, especially in saltwater and mineralized ground

Completely Waterproof to depth of 100 feet

Adjustable Pulse Delay reduces black sand noise. Quieter on the beach, more targets

12" Dual Field Spider coil. Near-neurtral buoyancy

Sensitive to Gold even at maximum depths

Gain Control Adjusts for your particular beach conditions so you get every inch of PI depth

Quick Target recovery

Turner Adjusts Threshold tone and checks battery

Variable Sweep Speed slow to fast with no loss depth

Waterproof Piezo Headphones

Automatic Ground Rejection

Power: 8 "A" batteries

Two-Year parts and labor warranty