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Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett metal detectors for sale at Belda's detector sales, We offer the whole range of Garrett detectors whether you are a beginner looking for the Garett ace 250 Ace series 150,250,350, or an AT pro for the waterproof capabilities with beach hunting.

Looking for a serious gold prospecting detector? take a look at the Garrett ATX for great depth and the ability to handle the worst ground mineralization, All in a rugged collapsible design.

Give belda's metal detectors a call for the best deals and most up to date unadvertised specials and packages.


Looking for the full range of Garrett security metal detectors? including the large walkthrough metal detectors like what you see at the airport, Or the handheld wand metal detectors for security use 

Check our security metal detector collection by Garrett







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