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Falcon clean up gold pan



This isn't just another gold pan. The microgrooves are best for removing every bit of the black sand left with your gold. A must have pan.


Not just another pan!!!!!! A CLEAN UP PAN. A pan designed to clean up gold concentrates. Some call it a dipping pan. When you've done your best to eliminate the last of the black sand, but there is still some mixed in with your gold, it is time to grab the FALCON CLEAN UP PAN.

It is a light blue plastic, wide bottom finishing pan which has no riffles, only a unique microgroove texture to the side of the pan which lets you clean that last bit of black sand off your gold. There is no lip to cause the water to wave up the side as you slide the edge of the pan into the water. As you pull the pan back out of the water the black sand slips gently down the side of the pan while the fine gold stays put. The pan is 11 inches in diameter with a 7 inch diameter bottom.

This pan is also execellent for packing along with your Falcon for sampling.

Like the Falcon metal detector, this is one of those products which is unique and well worth the money at 8.95USD.


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