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Minelab Eureka Gold Metal Detector




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  • VLF technology gives you an easy ‘switch on and go’ detector featuring Minelab’s exclusive triple frequency technology – simply switch between frequencies of 6.4, 20 and 60kHz to target different depths. 
  • “ACCU-TRAK” digital ground balance with two speed options for increased depth. 

    ACCU-TRAK continuously measures the level of  ground mineralization while the detector’s coil is swept in search of targets. Any changes in mineralisation, which can occur quite quickly, are analysed and the Ground Balance level automatically adjusted.

    ACCU-TRAK ensures the detector is always correctly  ground balanced and operating at maximum depth and sensitivity at all times with minimum effort.

  • Iron rejection in each frequency.
  • Variable ferrous discrimination control gives you the ultimate in iron rejection. 
  • Minelab’s 10” Double D ‘easysweep’ elliptical coil system for wider ground coverage. 
  • State of the art NiMH rechargeable battery system. 
  • Extra comfort with an ergonomic balanced shaft system.


Take the guesswork out of detecting…
The Eureka Gold is one of the world’s most versatile gold nugget detectors. Operating with Minelab's exclusive triple frequency technology the Eureka Gold makes prospecting easier than ever before. The Eureka Gold gives you 6.4kHz for maximum depth, 20kHz for general detecting and the super sensitive 60kHz to find the smallest gold nuggets that others are missing.
Featuring Minelab's  "ACCU-TRAK"  Digital Ground Balance with switchable two speed recovery, combined with new microprocessor controlled discrimination circuitry, it takes the guess work out of detecting so YOU will find more gold, more often.
The Eureka Gold is for those of you who want solid performance in a mid-priced detector.


Product Eureka gold
Application Gold Prospecting
Technology VLF
Frequency/Transmission 6.4, 20 & 60 kHz
Coil (standard) 10" x 5" Double-D.
Audio Output Stereo/Mono 6.35mm (1/4") headphone jack.
Headphones Supplied Optional accessory.
Visual Display -
Backlight -
USB Connectivity -
Memory -
Depth Indication -
Detect Modes Prospecting with Iron Reject & Prospecting in All Metal.
Discrimination All Metal + Ferrous Discrimination (adjustable turn control).
Timings -
Audio tone Adjustable turn control.
Audio Type Normal, Fine & Boost.
Ground Balance ACCU-TRAK Automatic Ground Balance, Tracking speeds (2) Fast; Slow & Fixed Mode.
Ground Balance Type -
Trash Density -
Pinpoint -
Sensitivity Adjust Adjustable turn control.
Tune / Noise Cancel -
Threshold Adjustable turn control.
Target Volume Adjust Adjustable turn control.
Battery NiMH rechargeable battery system 12V 1000mAh (up to 20hrs). Supplied with mains charger.
Low battery alert Audio alert.
Length 1190mm - 1350mm (47" - 53").
Weight 2.2kg (4.8lbs) (ex. battery).
Warranty 3 years control box & coil.

This table only provides a guide and regional variance  may occur in relation to the standard items included with a detector.