Coiltek metal detector coils

Belda's metal detectors is an authorized dealer for all coiltek products, Designed for Minelab and White's metal detectors, Coiltek coils offers the perfect coil for whatever situation you need. Coiltek Manufacturing is Optimizing Discovery, offering more chances for success when out in the field prospecting and metal detecting. Coiltek offers metal detector coils and accessories which are proven performers. Different terrains call for different products and that's where you need greater choices, you will find them with our diverse range of coils and accessories. they provide services to the electronics industry by producing electronic wire wound components for circuit boards like inductors and transformers where custom wound items are necessary. Coiltek can also provide locating equipment for related industries who deal with large mining companies. Constantly investing in intensive research and development means more opportunities for prospectors whether they're hobbyists or professionals. Let us help offer excellent up to date knowledge to help improve your success rate to get you the best finds with your metal detector. Our pride in our products is reflected in many of the detecting fields today with the majority of Minelab detector owners using a Coiltek product. All of our products are made by our highly trained professional team who take great pride in each step of the manufacturing process. You can be guaranteed of the highest standard with every Coiltek product.



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