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Nugget Finder Advantage 25" Round Mono Coil

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Deep nuggets are no longer safe! Dubbed by prospectors as “The Big Easy”; attach one of these to your Minelab detector and you’ll out-punch just about any other machine on the planet! It may look heavy, but first impressions can be deceiving. 
This coil falls into Nugget Finder’s Super-Lite Class, which means it is spoked in design. The center portion has been essentially hollowed out to dramatically reduce the weight, which means you will be able to detect longer with less arm fatigue. The newly designed skid plates are custom molded to fit the support struts of the coil and offer maximum protection. 

What is this coil primarily used for? The 25RM excels in two areas: patch finding, and searching for large gold nuggets at depth. When exploring new country for patches it is important for a prospector to cover as much ground as possible per day. A large diameter coil like the 25RM makes that possible by allowing more ground to be scanned in less time. Along with ground coverage, depth penetration is another area prospectors are always striving to improve. Simply put, a bigger coil equals better depth. Try out this coil on those supposedly 'hunted out' patches and you might be amazed at what is hiding 2 or 3 feet beneath the surface. If you are looking for pure penetrating power the 25RM is just the ticket!

This coil is Monoloop in configuration and compatible with all Minelab GPX/GP/SD Series metal detectors. It comes standard with skid plate and a full 2-Year Warranty. Measures approx. 25” x 25”.

Nugget Finder uses only the best quality components to produce the highest quality professional grade search coils on the market. These coils have been specifically designed to enhance the performance of the Minelab GPX/GP/SD Series metal detectors.

NOT ALL COILS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Before you purchase another coil for your Minelab metal detector make sure you ask the dealer if it can offer the following features:

New Spec Litz Wire with modified shielding 
Improved sensitivity and signal response on small gold 
Improved stability particularly on the 4000 and 4500 models (EMI)

Totally new design; even Stronger and more rigid than before. 
Super Strong Epoxy Reinforced Polyurethane bracket.
All models are still fully bonded with potted winding’s 

WATER RESISTANT: Fully sealed design with O-Ring sealed cable. Water resistant to a depth of 2 feet.

WEIGHT: Even though the Advantage range has more wire and a stronger design, weight remains roughly the same as the previous models. This was achieved through innovative design not by cutting corners!

WARRANTY: The only coils on the market that offer a full 2-Year Warranty!