Falcon MD20 Pinpointer




Falcon  Metal  Detectors- The Most Sensitive Gold Probe


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Designed to find small nuggets other detectors miss. They get into small places! Operating at 300 kHz, the MD20 series is the most sensitive detector on the market.

The MD20 has 20% more sensitivity and depth than it's predecessor, the MD10, and more than twice the sensitivity of other

manufacturers probes. The Falcon is a tool, not a toy. Every prospector needs one.

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The Falcon probes are great. I will use one to check chunks of rocks.

The best part- I can sit with a cold beer on a hot day while I am finding gold pieces.

Test card included
All metal detector

Operating frequency; 300 kHz

Dimensions: 1.6"x 3.25" x 6"

Weight 14oz.

Probe: waterproof 6" probe on 5' cable

Batteries: two 9V alkaline

Battery life: 40-50 hours

Target alert: built in speaker and headphone jack

Controls: ground balance, sensitivity. Probe has adjustable copper ring for sensitivity selection.

Warranty: 5 year limited parts and labor.